Monday, January 18, 2010

Some quick thoughts on Campaign Finance reports

Evan over at Rick Perry vs. World has done all of the work..So, yes, I'm aping off of his material. Thanks Evan.

The numbers:
Rick Perry (R)
$7.1M raised
$4.7M expenditure
Cash on hand $11.6M

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)
$6.1M raised
$6.4M exp
$12.3M COH

Debra Medina (R)
191k raised
164k exp

Bill White (D)
6.2M raised
151k exp
COH 5.5M

Farouk Shami (D)
57k raised
loans $3M
exp $3.1M
COH 6k

Lt Gov
David Dewhurst (R)
$2.8M raised
$2.2M exp
$1.7M COH (+1.1M in loan as I understand it)

Earle (D)
2k raised
exp 6k
COH 28k

Marc Katz (D)
7k raised
exp 6k
COH 9k

Chavez-Thompson (D)
no report

Attorney General
Greg Abbott (R)
1.2M raised
456k exp
$10.2M COH

Radnofsky (D)
$331k raised
157 exp
COH 388


1.) White's fundraising ability makes him a real player in the game. Despite that he's still sitting at roughly 1/2 of the COH held by Perry and Hutchison. It's probably worth mentioning that White (slightly) out-raised Hutchison this quarter, but I'm not sure how important that is in terms of the big picture.

2.) In the Lite Gov race, the performances of Earle, Katz and Chavez-Thompson are laughable. Either Democrats are entirely placing their hopes on the "coattail eftect" or they've already lost faith in all three candidates. At this pace Dewhurst has little to fear.

3.) Unfortunately, given the state of Texas politics, this election cycle won't put an end to Radnofsky's being viewed by some as a viable candidate for Statewide office, but it should. At least for now. If there's a poster child for the weak bench strength of Democrats at the State level it's Radnofsky.


  1. Unfortunately for White, he's gonna have to cut loose with some of that COH (means "cash on hand," right?) just to make sure he doesn't suffer the career-ending humiliation of losing to Mr. Shami, who's probably running at the wink-and-nod suggestion of Rick Perry. After all, it was the Democratic Party in White's home county that not too long ago twice sent a convicted murderer-ex-prostitute-turned transsexual to runoffs for county chairman. (Not that Shami's the new Leslie Perez.)

  2. Abbott has $10.2 on hand? Wow. Did he bother to spend a dime against Van Os in 2006?



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