Friday, January 22, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/22/10)

Yeah, I slept in on a day

Houston's unemployment rate is no longer beating the State's. - That's bad news for Houston workers. (Less importantly, it's bad news for Houston boosters who've been sticking their heads in the sand.)

In related news: Oilfield services companies are seeing profits nosedive. Think there's a connection?
(Still believe that predatory taxes on the oil & gas industry are good for the economy?)

Inflation and other cost increases may rise by $130MM, Metro offers Parsons a $100MM up front hedge in the proposed revised contract. (And David Wilson wants us to believe that this puts Parsons on the hook for 98% of future price increases? **Maybe he doesn't understand what an up-front hedge is?**

Conversely, Here's Metro establishing a transportation solution that goes where the people are. Which one makes more sense?

Today's global warming sermon brought to you by the Al Gore and his Investors. (If they can't predict the number of hurricanes, why should we believe this statement of faith?)

A new business radio program is most welcome. (Very welcome when you consider the investor show on KSEV has become nothing more than an evening politics show.)

Eversole may not have an opponent, but he's sure spending campaign money as if he does.

Charles Kuffner on the politics of Health Care and how winning elections is more important than reform.

In the end, Air America went out with a whimper, much like how it started.

Did the Tea Party drive Brown's victory?

Trying to find an answer to corporate money...Why not just campaign on the evils of corporate money? Hey, you can use the unlimited lawyer and union money you receive. (Same influence peddling, different names on the checks)

And finally.....

The media in Texas sure is concerned about University Chancellors not getting a raise. To bad they don't have the same level of concern for University students who are facing sky-rocketing tuition increases. (Of course, student's aren't invited to the expensive dinner-parties & semi-private 'insider round-tables' that journos like so much either, so that could have something to do with it.)

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  1. Streettalk has crossed over? I used to catch them infrequently and they seemed to be pretty legit. Go with the flow, I guess.


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