Thursday, January 21, 2010

People get paid to write this stuff?

From the recycling bin.....

ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank Jan 14, 2010:
A national curriculum, they say, wouldn't be much different from what Texas already teaches. Fourth-grade math is fourth-grade math, and who cares if a national test replaces the TAKS? Besides, even if Texas adopts a national curriculum, the state would remain free to require our kids to learn extra stuff — whether that's an entire seventh-grade class about Texas history or a single third-grade PE lesson on the Cotton-Eyed Joe.

ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank from today's print edition: (strangely, not online):
But no. Gov. Perry used the competition as a new excuse for states'-rights grandstanding, saying that the program was a federal attempt to wrest away "control of our school system." But what does that mean, really? Shouldn't fourth-grade math be the same in every state?

Of course, in the same editorial they channeled Larry the Cable Guy and actually printed "git-'er'-done" not once, but twice.

This is a prime example of why sub-par, emotional editorializing is not only bad for ChronBlog, it's bad for the Houston region as well. While I didn't like the idea of the State applying for grants at a macro level, I am open to the ideas of allowing individual school districts to do so. To me the increased level of local control allows for voters to hold their districts to a higher standard of accountability. Given the response of Republican governors to this plan Obama is smart to bypass them and appeal to local communities, and local voters. It'd be nice if this argument appeared in the Houston Chronicle, instead of a re-edited version of last week's drivel.


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