Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/24/10)

And I in my cap, settled in for a long day of football....

Anne Linehan of BlogHouston points out two new Metro absurdities rightly calling the local agency a 'cesspool'. (The argument for Metro is, well, that they're about the same as TxDot when it comes to cost overruns. This is made by the same folks who constantly say (rightly) that TxDot is a mess.)

Also from Ms. Linehan is an update of the controversial "F-2" segment of the Grand Parkway. If ever there was a road that didn't need to be built....

Rest in Peace Robert Mosbacher.

Feminist economics, yup you read that right.

Hutchison's abortion problem. Or, why she's got no chance of winning the Republican Gubernatorial primary.

Fontaine resigns from Metro, takes position with Metro. Good luck with that....

Translation: The voters are too stupid to make the necessary decisions inherent in a Democracy. (I wonder if they'd also be open to limiting the spending of unions and trial lawyers? Nah...

Guerrilla politics, courtesy of Debra Medina. (Given her lack of money this could be her best tactic.) It won't help her much methinks, but it's probably the best thing she's got.

Bill King is still out there sounding the pension obligation alarm that our elected officials are failing to hear.

Out-going Metro Chairman David Wolff however, wants to worsen Houston's already precarious financial standing by recouping $1.6 Billion in sales tax funds in order to prop up Metro's shaky financial situation. (Caused, for the most part, by Metro's insistence on building a faulty at-grade rail system.)

When I agree with the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank. Where they miss the boat however, is in their failure to address the cost of such a diet. Organic food is expensive. The reason the poor eat so poorly is because, in many cases, they can't afford food from the farmer's markets that the cultural elite are holding up as an ideal.

Slampo provides some historical perspective to the Republican Gubernatorial primary. (and illustrates both why Hutchison can't win, and what's wrong with the modern-day Republican party.)


Your weekly dose of Clarkson (Because, if Houston can't have a good Metro columnist we'll have to ape the work of others.)

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