Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/31/10)

Ending the month with a bang....

Houston's new Fire Chief has a tough job winning the PR battle. Good luck.

The Democrats roll out three candidates for Lite Gov. Eh.....

Miss Virginia is the new Miss America. Eh.....

Sue Dat! You knew there was going to be trouble when the NFL tried to trademark a misspelling and the national emblem of France.

Going to the same store after a big winner bought a ticket there is akin to sitting down at a slot machine after it paid out big. Just sayin'.

Save NASA! There's a legitimate argument to be made that, by scrubbing the moon mission, Obama is doing just that.

I didn't watch the debate, but David Jennings did. Given the fact that he, and not a bunch of left-leaning journalists, was the target audience I'd say his review is more worthy of note. (That being said, if ChronBlog ever got around to hiring that mythical conservative State/Metro columnist....) **As for Burkha? Eh...**

Consider this: New Orleans is still in shambles, and is still hooked to the IV of public assistance. Now people want Houston to follow that model. Maybe there's another way that could encourage people to take the steps they need to improve? Just a suggestion.

Nate Silver is very good at political analysis, but mixing politics with economic news typically reduces the usefulness of the latter. This case is no different. (Overstates the positive in news that most, nonpartisan observers have characterized as "Eh...")

When Texas Watchdog does a Gov't spending report you'd be advised to take notice.

Blogging luminary Lou Minatti on Bill White. It's a good read.

And finally....

All you need to know about this op-ed pimping wind and solar as the future of Texas energy can be found at the bottom: "Hershey is a fiction writer" Because the idea that wind and solar can replace oil, nuclear and coal as our energy source is more fiction than reality. (Even industry sources cap the potential share at 20 percent that's an 80% gap for those of you not keeping score.)

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  1. Those who push wind (pun intended) as the energy counterpart to Dippin' Dots, should consider this fact:

    For centuries, commerce moved across the seas and oceans in ships that were propelled by... the wind. However, as soon as other sources of propulsion (steam engines fueled by wood, coal, and eventually oil) became available, the shipping companies and navies of the world made the switch, post-haste.

    The reason? Because the wind is notoriously fickle, and to have your fuel source disappear when you most need it, leaving you becalmed , is not something ship owners (and captains) are really all that fond of.



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