Monday, February 1, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/01/10)

My enthusiasm is soaring.....

If you're not registered to vote, today's the last day to fix that, unless you like not having a voice in deciding who's going to be voting your tax increases up/down.

Trust me, don't feed your dog generic food. They don't like it.

How $3.8 Trillion dollars can kill a city's economy. How in the world did it ever get to a point where the Gov't is spending $3.8 Trillion per year?

On the bright side: The folks at GHASP, Sierra Club etc. are going to be happy, granted, they'll mostly be without jobs, but the air will be clean. (Always look on the bright...side...of life.) *In all seriousness, that opinion piece is horribly incorrect, acting as if no improvement has occurred over the last several years in an effort to scare Houstonians into supporting drastic measures to reach unattainable goals. Ahhh politics.**

Yet another reason for greenies to hate cars. Gosh those abandoned dealerships are ugly. (Far preferable are graffiti-covered toy-train stops.)

It's back to the damn fourth grade meme for ChronBlog. FFS people, find a new lede.

News wonks have always had good things to say about Channel 39's newscast except that they have somewhere around zero resources. That's a shame as you can read here.

Texas missed out on the recent spate of high-speed rail funding. Your party affiliation will tell you whether or not this was a good thing.

And his favorite color is green....More features dreck from Chronblog.

The Bill White er. Texas Tribune has a campaign spending app. Do with it what you will.

And finally.....

Congratulations for BELO Corp for putting on the worst debate in the history of arguing. I've seen parts, that was enough for me. You almost have to intentionally be that bad.

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