Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bill White's worst nightmare..... a State Democratic Machine that's not fully convinced he can win.

(Richard S. Dunham, ChronBlog, 02/27/10)
A Houston Chronicle analysis of congressional campaign contributions in the 2010 election season found that Texans are shipping millions of dollars to out-of-state candidates this year, and most of the recipients are Democrats.

Eight of the top 10 non-Texas recipients of Lone Star State political money are Democrats. Overall, Democrats are receiving about 60 percent of the $6,823,766 in Texas money headed to Senate and House candidates in other states, according to Federal Election Commission filings through Feb. 10.

Houston, the top political exporter, sends about two-thirds of its campaign cash to Democrats.
Dunham's story goes on to speculate that much of the state's Democratic money crosses state lines is due to the Dem's minority status in Texas and the donors desire to back a winner.

The first state-wide Dem candidate to win their race will be the first one that can reverse this trend. Bill White is raising a lot of money, but he's leaving a lot on the table as well.

Then there's the little matter of the fading Republican structural advantage in Texas. It's lessening, but it's still there....for now.

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