Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Lack of Ideological Diversity.....

...lends itself to some odd conclusions.

(ChronBlog Caucasian Think Tank, 02/27/10)
President Barack Obama's much-anticipated health care summit was clarifying. Nearly seven hours of talk on Thursday made plain that the divide between Democrats and Republicans is wide and likely unbridgeable.
But the summit also made this much clear: Most Americans believe that health care reform is needed. We would argue that gives Obama and the Democrats a clear mandate to move forward on their own.


Why I've no doubt most Americans feel something should be done, it's quite a reach to say that the something in question is to pass the Democrats' version of reform.

One of the consequences of group think is the formulation of odd conclusions. This could be avoided were there an inkling of ideological diversity present in the CCTT.

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