Friday, February 26, 2010

This took longer than I thought it would....

Like moths to a flame unelected, mostly useless, public agencies are drawn to proposed public projects in a vain effort to try and protect their thin veneer of usefulness....

(Chris Moran & Bradley Olson, ChronBlog, 02/26/10)
The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority board is scheduled on Monday to discuss becoming the landlord for a professional soccer stadium in Houston's East End.

Houston and Harris County officials have been negotiating the county's participation in a stadium on 12 acres of city-owned land just east of U.S. 59. Former Houston Mayor Bill White pitched a deal 20 months ago, asking the county to match the city's $10 million pledge to provide infrastructure for a $60 million stadium the Dynamo.

The Authority's involvement does not signal that a deal is imminent, officials said.

What this deal needs is a heaping helping of Billy Burge. Too bad he's not still around. Watching former Oilers QB Oliver Luck explain the intricacies of Footy to him would be a sporting event in and of itself.

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