Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chevez-Thompson Ad

H/T: Texas Tribune.

"We can't afford to spend any more time waiting on Austin politicians"

Says Chavez-Thompson in an ad asking you elect her to be an Austin politician...

That, and she's spent a lot of time 'fighting'. Which raises the question: Is the Harry Truman/political underdog meme really going to be the Democratic message this time around?

"I'm a fighter?" Blech.

Besides all of that, wouldn't this ad have made more sense last week? Before early voting started? By the time this hits the air EV will be almost 50% finished. Who are the advisors for these campaigns?

Given the financial state of things in the Democratic Lite Gov race there's enough money for one (maybe two) targeted (not state-wide) media buys. That would be one to target the EV and one right before election day. If you're only doing one then put it out before the start of EV to capture as many not-yet-voted eyeballs as possible.

All that being said, at least Chavez-Thompson is on the air. That's more than you can say for the other candidates in this race.

It's going to be Dewhurst in a laugher.

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