Friday, February 19, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/19/10)


Yup, Roy Morales has lost David Jennings. (Morales lost this voter long ago. Not a fan of perennial candidates.)

BlogHouston brings attention to Beldar's (William Dyer) substantive review of the Sharon Keller case. It's good reading, and more free of the partisan scoring system that one typically finds in other local coverage.

When smog and people having electricity collide the results aren't pretty. (What will be even less pretty are the howls of protest by many against this project when images of children and the elderly suffering through rolling blackouts are broadcast in future Summers)

Meet a $2.3 Million dollar waste of taxpayer dollars. This by a Republican (You know, those folks that are chiding others about fiscal conservatism?)

Is it just me? Or is Metro taking on Annise Parker similar to binging a knife to a gunfight? (After all, she appoints the majority of the board.) Buh-bye David Wolff.

The Dippin' Dots economy signs a deal. Jobs to come sometime in the future. (Hey, in the mean time let's destroy the industries that are creating jobs NOW. Good idea.)

It seems Metro's very concerned about their media coverage. Except for print, and blogs. (You know, old and new media?) Further proof of the echo chamber that has become Houston's transportation agency.

And finally.....

Texas Watchdog is ramping up their content lately. Doing a lot of link-post stuff similar to this one. (So...what are you trying to say?)

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