Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Corridor Rescue Inc. in the news.

Corridor Rescue Inc., the Dog-rescue charity with whom I'm a foster/adoption volunteer, was in the news recently on Fox 26...

(Kristine Galvan, Fox26, Feb 01, 2010)
It's called the Corridor Of Cruelty. Next week, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Crime Stoppers will team up to shut down an area where hundreds of dogs have turned up, dumped, tortured and killed.

"Here we're seeing some bones," said Roger Haseman, an Environmental Prosecutor for Harris County, as he walked along the edge of the lot, near the intersection of Highway 59 and Little York. "I think they saw a few animal carcasses down here on this side of the street."

Haseman and assistant district attorney Belinda Smith have been eyeing the area for the past year when a woman named Deborah Hoffman, founder of a group called "corridor rescue," brought it to their attention. Hoffman coined the term "corridor of cruelty," and has rescued 140 dogs from the area since she discovered it.

Hoffman, along with her volunteers, have snapped pictures of dogs found stabbed to death and burned, but no one has ever been arrested.
Go read the entire thing, and watch the embedded news clip. It's a good news report that lays out several of the issues we're struggling with.

Soon I'll have an update on Maximus, the new pit-bull we've taken in as a foster.

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