Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/04/10)

I got 'dem recall blues......

Trouble on both ends, first it's the accelerator, now it's the breaks. Could we be witnessing the end of Toyota?

Schlumberger warns against a shortage in oil-field services, which could be a moot point when you consider there could be very little in the way of domestic exploration and production occurring if some have their way.

I'm sure the Dippin' Dots energy economy can absorb these jobs right?

If there's not a special circle in Dante's inferno for those that steal from the elderly there should be. Wouldn't hurt to have one for crimes against children as well. (My wife would like one, that she controls, for people who abuse animals. Trust me, you don't want to be in that one.)

I guess since campaigns are really nothing more than glorified beauty pageants ChronBlog's features-style political reporting makes sense. That being said, Hutchison's record could have been an asset, had she taken ownership of how she voted and had run a better campaign.

The problem with hunger statistics is that there's no objective measurement. I saw an ad recently that said "1 in 3" Houston area residents struggles with hunger. Look, "1 in 100" is too high, but there's nothing to be gained by overstating the problem. (Nor is there anything to gain by the media looking at the numbers uncritically) In order to correctly solve a problem the first step is to get an accurate idea of its scope. I'm not convinced we're getting that.

Lahood: You Texans suck. And amongst the Progressives there was much rejoicing.

How's the view back there Billy? All joking aside I'm fairly certain that White would beat Medina, Rasmussen poll not withstanding. What this should do, for the White campaign, is crystallize the point that he's got a long way to go in order to be competitive with the two Republican big guns. Just trotting out rehashes of his Houston Mayoral commercials isn't going to do it. (Consider this as well: Perry hasn't even trained his big forward guns on White as of yet.)

F-you I quit. Or something like that....

Contrary to form I'm not going to knock this column by L'il Red on her baby. Congrats on the new kid etc. etc. (I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity to mock what passes for a Metro column in Houston's biggest political blog later.)

The MSM has Medina Fever. Evan from Rick Perry vs. World provides a little perspective. Thanks Evan.

Farouk! Farouk! Farouk is on Fire! (Bill White don't need no water let that hair care mogul burn!)*

The Bill White Texas Tribune takes a long look at TxDot and finds them lacking. (It should be noted that Abby Rappaport is on the board of a foundation who's made donations to the Center for Public Policy Priorities whose stance toward TxDot can be described as "non-supportive" at best.) That being said, it's a fairly good article on an agency that's not received the best press of late.

And finally....

Houston loses out on a major convention. A fact that will be cheered by many of the same Democrats who constantly bemoan Houston's lack of convention traffic. (Who said there had to be consistency in politics right?)**

*With sincerest apologies to the Bloodhound Gang
**I for one am happy they're not coming due to the traffic issues conventions such as this always cause.


  1. I'm sure that the Gov't will be ready, willing, and able to take over... err, extend a helping hand(out) to Toyota.

    As to the convention - 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. But there is much happiness in D-land over this.


  2. Even better news...

    Now the Republicans get to freak out because the Democrats are coming.

    And all of those people who were mad/happy about one convention get to be happy/mad about the other and attempt to explain it away with a straight face.

    I'm still not looking forward to the traffic and congestion problems, but Houston's hotel/motel industry is in desperate need of the income bump.


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