Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Corridor Resuce Inc. Update. (02/24/10)

Now Dodson has a chance.....

(Bobbi Leder,, 02/23/10)
According to Deborah Hoffman from Corridor Rescue, two criminals were apprehended this past weekend after tossing a dog out of a van by his legs. Fortunately there were two separate witnesses - Corridor Rescue volunteers – who went from volunteers to heroes as the scene unfolded.

One actually followed the van (and called Hoffman who in turn called the Houston Police Department). The men in the van were arrested, charged with animal abandonment, and are now in jail.
While all of this was going on the wife and I were at the PetCo setting up for an adoption event. Suddenly Deborah's phone started ringing like crazy and the chase was on.

We haven't met Dodson yet, but I'm sure we will, once he gets back to his fighting weight, gets his mange cleared up and is ready to greet the world. In the meantime these things take time and money, so we'll continue our volunteering.

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