Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You might be working too much.....

....if your voter registration address is your business.

(Steve Miller, Texas Watchdog, 02/24/10)
Nine people in Tarrant County live communally in a 539,000-square foot cinderblock compound owned by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration, if their voter registrations are to be believed.

It is the DEA's presence at Alliance Airport at 2300 Horizon Drive and it is most certainly not a residence.

Still, at least three of the nine, who registered to vote in a period between February 2002 and August of last year, cast ballots in 2008 despite the fact that property listings suggest they live in other parts and precincts of Tarrant and, in one case, neighboring Denton County.

Go read the whole thing.

It's cases such as this that lead me to support some form of Voter ID law in Texas. Not as a means to decrease the number of voters, but to ensure that all of the votes that are cast are processed correctly. Any "Voter Identification" law that's passed should really have, at its heart, the twin goals of increasing voter participation and accuracy. That's why I also am in support of same-day voter registration provided the citizen can produce a valid photo ID. You can swipe current versions of driver's licences and State-issued ID cards, and that technology is under-utilized in our electoral process.

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