Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/24/10) (UPDATED)

You call that snow?

It'd be a helluva shame to let the Alamo fall into disrepair. Even for a State so allergic to its history as Texas.

"It just bugs me that he got another round off." - David Benke is OK by me.

About 2 years back I predicted that flood control was going to be an expensive, public issue. I was right. Such is the price of the lack of attention paid to public works by the Brown & White administrations. (On the bright side: We've got a skate park and a corporate-sponsored downtown park! When you can get to them that is.)

The Houston Area Survey is getting a new home, thus ensuring that Chronblog can misinterpret the data for years to come.

Harris County is not looking to press their austerity measures to the Sheriff's dept. Thus proving they have learned a little from the mistakes of HPD during the last fiscal crisis. (The mistake of an HPD hiring freeze that Houston is still paying for)

Should Bill White's "green cred" come with a disclaimer now? (i.e. "unsuccessfully fought" etc. etc.?)

It's the SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!....oh wait. those mobile units back in. No 20 car pileups to see here. (And, thankfully, no local reporters having the camera man zoom in on a postage stamp-sized patch of slush)

Do yourself a favor: Read this interesting story and then ignore the (idiotic) comments at the bottom.

Bill White's term limits panel is holding its second meeting in order to keep up appearances before they release their report that term-limits are hurting Houston and should be abolished. (What? You think they're going to say something different?)**

How would you balance the budget? That's the question Charles Kuffner ponders for the Texas Government today. My suggestion has always been a holistic review of Texas archaic system of taxation coupled with spending cuts for certain organizations. (Ending the Texas Enterprise Fund for one.) If that makes me a "know-nothing" then so be it. I'm still not convinced that tax increases for tax increases sake is the best tack although I do see a case for broadening the tax base. (The fact is that, currently, a bulk of the revenue burden is placed Texas property owners, which leaves out a large portion of the State. It's a quaint way of collecting taxes, reflective of the historical measure of wealth in the Lone Star State, but not one that has much bearing on reality. Just raising taxes for some and not addressing spending is a recipe for disaster.)

Also from Mr. Kuffner are the Eight days out reports for Tx. Democrats in the down-ballot State races. (He tries to put a positive spin on things but the fact is, outside of Bill White, the Dems are going to have a slate of candidates that are hurting for cash.)

Perry and 50% Does it matter all that much? (Translation: Will he REALLY have to work that hard in a run-off?) My guess is no.

I wonder if Democrats voting for Perry in the Republican primary in order to help Bill White realize that Perry vs. White is polling basically even w/Hutchison vs. White? (And Perry hasn't even turned the attention of his formidable campaign machine White's way yet.)

How badly have Republicans blown it with Hispanics? This bad.

And finally.....

The Bill White...err...Texas Tribune knocks down a little oppo research disguised as journalism for the White campaign. (Does this get listed on the finance report as an 'in-kind donation' or what?)


**I received an e-mail from a certain blog post author (Name rhymes w/Bike Rider) reminding me that the Term Limits Panel is NOT ALLOWED TO RECOMMEND ABOLISHING TERM LIMITS. Yes, I know this, but my guess is they'll get it in the report somewhere, empowered or no. We offer this little bit of clarification in an effort to bring you a better, more enjoyable, blog-reading experience. (Being fresh out of up-skirt pictures of falling models)** Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.....

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