Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/25/10)

Funny, it doesn't feel like a Summit.

Want to know why Mega-Chruch/Prosperity Gospel is suffering from bad PR? I give you Exhibit A. (Christ said something about "giving unto Caesar what is Caesar's" right?)

TCEQ 1 Bill White Gubernatorial Campaign 0

This news is sure to get the anti-everyone-but-those-who-look-just-like-me crowd all worked up but it shouldn't. After all, budget cuts during hard times are what folks are asking for. (I'd rather see this program shelved than say...pothole repair.)

That Houston is car-based, to me, doesn't seem to be a problem. Certainly not when you consider that new, fuel-efficient (maybe electric once the battery storage issues get worked out) cars are on the way. What concerns me is people trying to make the HOU graphic in this story look like the NYC graphic despite the obvious. (Like, geography, practicality, attainability)

Anti-Christianity cool or...Life in the ChronBlog "religion" section. (There is fertile debate ground to be plowed on this issue, I could even agree that America is not Christian, per se. The problem is the Houston dims that are doing the plowing are, in many cases, incapable of structuring a logical argument.)

More from Tory Gattis on Metro's fare wars. (I'm still amazed he doesn't have a seat in today's transportation round-table. Were Houston really serious about moving people from point A to point B he'd be given a buggy whip and be told to keep the twenty-something urban planners in line.)

Evan from Perry vs. World takes a look at this Jason Embry story on Bill White getting funding from the Democratic Governor's Association and then does the digging a paid journo like Embry should have done in the first place. (I've been less than impressed with Embry's reporting so far on this election.)

Unca Darrell (who's planned retirement is obviously on hold) offers worthy praise to ChronBlog photographers and wonders why you don't see more of this stunning work in the print edition? (Maybe ASSOCIATE EDITOR - FEATURES Kyrie O'Connor doesn't like pictures?)

Tom Kirkendall on the death penalty. One of Houston's most serious bloggers offers up his criticism of the current system. (My issue is this: Execution should ideally be reserved for the worst of the worst: Serial killers, heinous crimes etc. In Texas I believe that we are over applying the statute on a chronic basis. I'm OK with the death penalty, but not in the manner Texas is applying it.)

and finally......

Slampo reports on the untimely demise of a Metro bus shelter. With shockingly graphic images. (If you've got a soft spot in your heart for bus shelters that is.)

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