Thursday, February 25, 2010

Those in glass houses....

...should not throw stones...

(Richard Connelly, Houston Press, 02/25/10)
The Chron, of course, lets just about anyone with access to a keyboard put up a blog that gets featured on the home page. This can result in hilarity like the utterly blinders-on right-wing Tea Party political "analysis" by "Texas Sparkle"; in sports it can result in great blogs (i.e, Texans Chick), or cliche-ridden pointlessness like "On Further Review."

The Houston Press is not calling out ChronBlog for shitty amateur content are they?

Were they still a meaningful newspaper (instead of Houston's largest local blog) then such a move by ChronBlog might raise eyebrows. From the Press? We have no more expectations for them anyway*, having long sense abandoned the "alt" portion of alt-weekly.

*If you ever had any expectations for this blog you need to get out more. You get what you pay for after all.


  1. On the subject of "get what you pay for" isn't the Houston Press distributed for free?

  2. Yes it's free, but it also advertises itself as an "alternative news daily". The writing being done by professionals. (In some cases better professionals than over at ChronBlog FWIW)


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