Friday, February 26, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/26/10)

You have now entered a no shredding zone....

Oh the humanity! (Thank goodness it wasn't the thin mints. That would have been a tragedy of world altering proportions)

Any way you look at it, that's a crap-load of diapers.

Apparently, you're fired up about this little mid-term election. (Good. Now if we could just get decent candidates....)

Rick Casey gets his dander up, in another excuse to take a shot at Perry. (While writing about a race taking place in the MetroPlex) With all of the good local races, doesn't Houston deserve a columnist that's going to direct their attention here?

I have no problem with ChronBlog endorsing Borris Miles for the 146. I do have a question however:
Miles' proven business acumen and leadership abilities make him the better-qualified candidate of the two.
What proven business acumen and leadership abilities are ChronBlog's Faulty Bullhorn referring to?

Do we want Google Fiber for our communities in Houston? Apparently the bar for 'interest' is set at Austin's 199 people.

The baby-boomers are the worst generation in the history of ever. Discuss.

Lefty thinkers are pushing the nuclear option for healthcare. Ironically, this is what many Republicans are hoping they do. (And what the polls are, increasingly, suggesting they shouldn't do FWIW)

Interesting article from City Journal on eminent domain abuse as central planning tool. It doesn't take much imagination to see Houston's cabal of twenty-something erstwhile urban planners calling for increased use of this to build utopia. Yu can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. (Of course, the "eggs" in this case are humans, but that's not important in the "new urban" vision of Houston. The poor need not apply.)

Speaking of New Urban: I don't think Cypress is what proponents had in mind.

Once again, An online news source does the heavy lifting on a ChronBlog report where it was lacking. (This is becoming a trend.)

Bill White is in full-on general campaign mode. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Shreddergate now with 50% more entertainment value.

And finally....

Big Jolly Politics continues its throwdown against Terry Lowry. (What Mr. Jennings has done is highlight the biggest weakness of the HCRP: An overabundance of good-ol-boy politics.)

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