Monday, March 29, 2010

It seems a little early for this....

I guess the Bill White er...Texas Tribune isn't taking any chances after the early returns for White haven't been as stellar as his supporters have hoped.

These "advice for" items never work out as planned. Remember John Spong's story for Texas Monthly offering advice to Rick Noriega? In that case the story made Noriega look like a control freak who had no clue of how to use his campaign assets, raise money, or develop a winning strategy against Cornyn. Now we have the media giving Bill White "advice". Advice that, if he has a campaign staff that's worth anything at all, he probably doesn't need.

These types of stories play well to the base, but to the undecided voter they make the candidate look clueless & ineffective. Still, a left-leaning Internet news-outlet getting opinions on "when to go negative against Perry" is as unavoidable as death and taxes. Smith is just following the same script he wrote while at Texas Monthly. One that did work for years I should add.*

*The key is how you define success. The Tribune has obviously decided to become a news outlet for Texas Dems much like the Guardian in England is a news outlet for the LibDems. This is actually not a bad model of journalism, far better than the fake 'non-biased' news that we've been spoon-fed.

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