Thursday, March 4, 2010

More trouble for Metro

Courtesy of a training video and non-compliance with State policy....

(State of Texas: Metro has been breaking the law for years, Mark Greenblatt, KHOU, 03/03/10)
Texas officials say the troubled transit authority has failed to follow a state records and documents preservation law.

That statute requires local government agencies to tell the state how long they will keep public records before destroying them. Officials with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission say Metro has failed to comply with state law since 1991.
You should really go read the entire story, including the last bit where Greenblatt lays out the details of a Metro "training video" encouraging staffers to engage in, shall we say, proactive document destruction. The implication given in the video is that this is done to thwart public information requests.

At this rate the noses of David Wolff and Frank Wilson are going to be so long they'll have problems getting into their taxpayer subsidized limousines.



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