Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't think Mr. Martin thought this one all the way through...

(The Morning After, Philip Martin, Burnt Orange Report, 03/03/10)*
In perhaps the biggest news of the night, Republicans have lost their darling, Don McLeroy, on the State Board of Education.

How can he be the Republicans darling if they voted him out in their primary? Granted, he was the fave/rave of the social conservative set but still....

Evan noticed something else about that post.

And I'll add one more:
Linda Chavez-Thompson won her primary outright, giving Democrats an exciting 1-2 punch atop our ticket.
(I've already expressed my opinion regarding Chavez-Thompson's chances against Dewhurst. Just wait until the first polls come out.)

Good luck with those election warm-fuzzies.

Humor aside I enjoy Burnt Orange Report and consider it to be one of the better InterLeft blogs out there.

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