Monday, March 15, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/15/10)

Got a little change in my pocket......

Cabrito! (And the effect of changing demographics on the local economy)

Diversity is beauty. ...and, if you read between the lines in the article, being Anglo is a bad thing. ( written by the Anglo journalist FWIW)

So...tell us how you really feel.... ChronBlog's Mike Snyder sets the tone:
More than six years after voters approved a light-rail system serving much of central Houston, roughly half of that system has been thrown into doubt by falling sales tax revenues, distrust of Metro's leadership and other factors.
What? No mention of Tom DeLay? (The question of whether or not this system is what voters approved..both in price and scale, goes unasked, the assumption being.....)

Keep your damn hands off my pepper. That is all.

The fact that so many insiders are angry about the proposals to eliminate the CEP contract makes me believe that there is quite a benefit in doing so.

Another Rick Casey column, another question as to why he's even bothering? (He's offering no insight, breaking no new ground, only rehashing what's appeared previously in ChronBlog and other news outlets.) Houston deserves better.

The far-right likes tea, the far-left likes coffee. (I love the coffee partiers trying to cast themselves as the "sensible middle".) What's lacking in this elitist move toward "substance and compassion" is any semblance of well....substance or compassion in their dialogue. At heat they're just mad about the Tea Party's being mad about Government spending. *Yawn*

We believe in being tolerant to everyone, except those who disagree with us. Those people we stereotype as 'thuggish-racist' type people. (Hey, y'all nominated her.)

The clean-out of Houston's unelected bureaucracy continues. If nothing else, you have to be impressed with Mayor Parker's willingness to go out to the fields and tip sacred cows.

Houston MetroRail....Too big to fail?

$3.7 Billion...or....enough money to fund the Houston Food Bank for 65.7 years. All of this so society's Least Common Denominator can get (re)elected so they can "fight" for you. (Beyond all of the hype and "the gov't is broken" nonsense emanating from those with no leadership skills...if you want to know what's wrong with our government....)

Clean drinking water should not be a cost-cutting casualty. That is all.

Money quote in today's Texas Tribune story on the Texas State Board of Education by Trust-Fund* board member Abby Rappoport:
Voters “get their information from the papers, which is mostly inaccurate,” says Leo. “Most reporters are lazy, and they don’t do their homework."

Trouble for Bill White? 57% of Texans think their State's current business model is good for the remainder of the country to emulate. Those are no numbers conducive to the "change" campaign that Bill White is going to have to run.

Speaking of Bill White...Just how badly did he flub the taxes question? Pair that with his flub on the tax returns disclosure issue and you've got a rough start to March for White.

and finally.....

Talking about the Texas Driver Responsibility Act. Or...the risk of not doing a proper cost/benefit analysis on a fine heavy mandate designed to fill the coffers.

*Notable due to the fact that Ms. Rappoport's foundation makes several education-related grants annually.

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