Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/10/10)

More sound than fury.....

Metro trashes Pauline Higgins then pulls a Pontius Pilate and attempts to wash their hands of the matter. (I guess when you've already fired all of the bullets in your gun there's no reason to keep pulling the trigger eh?)

Meanwhile, in all seriousness, we give you Today's former ChronBlog employee golf update. Keeping the count straight: Pulitzer Prizes: 0 Holes in One: 3 (Assuming there's not a story tomorrow about Jeff Cohen bagging a couple while contemplating the next round of staff reductions.)

Back to Metro: Who is now arguing that some debt isn't debt and that $2.6 Billion in debt related to the new rail project doesn't apply to the $640 Million cap the voters approved of in 2003. (Houston Metro: Our reality is supreme.) Metro apologists generating flimsy rationalizations in 5...4...3...2....

We got spirit, yes we do. We got spirit, how 'bout....Oh...I pulled something. (Seriously: Good luck to 'em. When the wife was competing in figure I dabbled in powerlifting, it's brutal.)

The funny thing about and argument over the 'facts' of history is that, quite often, even historians don't agree on them. (History is told from the viewpoint of the victors. Always has been. Then the losers bitch about it.)

Our budget. Your department's budget cuts. Any questions?

Giving new meaning to "saved".

Developing an urban-rural transit organization to better negotiate with Metro sure sounds like a winning idea. (Now if they can just wrest control from Metro over the project we'll be on to something.)

Perry saw the hole and he took it. (Can't blame him. Those partnerships that Bill White wants to keep secret are probably a better political weapon if kept from the public eye.)

You stay classy Gayle Fallon:
Houston Federation of Teachers President Gayle Fallon, an ardent supporter of CEP whose union has exclusive bargaining rights at the Houston campuses, criticized Grier's idea.

“That jerk is willing to throw these kids away rather than save them so he can divert a few dollars into his asinine new programs that no one wants,” she said.
That's the kind of professional representation that must make HISD teacher's swell up with pride.

Tom Pauken, Part III. It's been an interesting read.

Fine! I'll change the ruling. (Might as well since it's not based on any law that experts are familiar with.) Elections have consequences kids.

And finally....

UK's social mobility sucks. If you're born poor in Britain you're very likely to stay poor. If you're rich, you die rich. In America it's different. The odds are still against you (because life is hard) but if you work hard, go to school, apply yourself you can get a job and haul yourself up to the middle-class. Amazingly, many in America (and Texas) want us to be more like the Brits. (I know, I can't figure it out either.)

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