Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That noise you hear in the background......

...is the sound of Bill White's staffer in charge of travel cancelling his planned visit to Montague County.

(2010: Montague Mystery Solved, Reeve Hamilton, Bill White...Texas Tribune, 03/09/10)
Odom explains what happened: "The original report incorrectly listed the candidates in alphabetical order and not as they appeared on the ballot for the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Commissioner of General Land Office, and Commissioner of Agrictulture."

After putting everything in its proper place, White wound up with 258 votes to Aguado's 3 in the race for governor.

I'd have held out for a T-shirt or bumper sticker at least.....maybe an appointment as head of the Combative Sports department over at the Texas Bureau of Licensing and Regulation?

Oh well.

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