Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You missed the follow up.....

...when Bill White left the door open.

(White says Perry takes too much credit for economy, Jason Embry, Austin American-Statesman: Postcards from the Lege. 03/09/10)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White said this morning that Gov. Rick Perry has taken too much credit for the success of the Texas economy.

Speaking at a breakfast event sponsored by the Texas Tribune, White noted that high oil and gas prices in recent years allowed money to stockpile in state coffers, and that the Texas economy historically grows faster than the rest of the country.

White also said that he brought jobs to Houston when he was mayor without help from the state, “nor did I need or want help.” And he said he brought in businesses “without giving them tax dollars.”

And no-one asked White how there was any difference between his responsibility for the Houston economy and Perry's responsibility for the Texas economy? I'm starting to wonder if there's a reporter in Texas that's going to decide to report on this campaign?

Of course, Evan Smith of the Bill White...err....Texas Tribune was conducting the interview so maybe expecting tough follow-ups was somewhat optimistic.

It's a fair question and one that should have been asked.

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