Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/23/2010)

All of this and no goodie bag?

BlogHouston invites you to compare and contrast Tom Kirkendall's examination of the problems at Metro with The ChronBlog Caucasian Think Tank's love letter to the agency. Does fawning praise or critical analysis best serve the public interest? (And which one would a good daily newspaper involve itself in more?)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to court we (and other States) go....of course, that a majority of states are considering opposition to this bill won't stop the fringe on the InterLeft from categorizing Texas' AG as "out of the mainstream".

Yeah, urging the children to fight is not a good thing. You might get fired for that.

Metro's new board gets down to business and business is not so good. (At least all of those people sent to the hospital in the train/bus wrecks didn't have serious injuries eh?)

Settle down. No, seriously, settle down. Let's not go overboard here. I mean it, y'all gotta stop. This healthcare reaction is getting a wee bit out of hand. (Never trust anyone who makes a snap judgement of 'historic' when speaking about a piece of legislation that's passed, but failed to accomplish anything as of yet.) {See: Prize, Nobel, for more.}

The same thing I said about Democrats vs. Bush applies for the GOP vs. Obama: Anger is not a winning political strategy. There has to be substance behind the anger and, so far (except for Ryan and a few others) the GOP ideological well runneth dry. Plus, anger attracts idiots. Just sayin'.

Texas Watchdog provides an update on the moon-lighting lawyer of Harris County. (Hint: He's still pulling down a paycheck.) Yup, electing those Democrats worked wonders when it comes to putting an end to that evil Republican {Republican ONLY, if you believe the InterLeft} insider baseball. Yup.

Think the State budget is in bad shape now? Wait until the full cost of health insurance regulation kicks in. Then it's going to get really fun.

Soaking the poor? Or, at least, the institutions that provide the majority of healthcare to them. (Thank God we didn't listen to the nay-sayers and read the bill right? Starting over? Nope. SOMETHING had to be done! You know, for politics the children.)

How can we miss you if you won't go away? By a raise of hands....who REALLY thought she was going to leave?

And finally.....

Going all in for the Dippin' Dots economy. Reminds me of a sign: "Free Crabs(Power) tomorrow!"

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