Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ChronBlog reports!

The new police chief is from HPD ranks...we think.... I THINK they're talking about interim HPD chief McClellan, but I'm not sure. Congrats to the new Chief, whoever the hell he is.....

Ooops...looks like I got it wrong.... I guess it's McClelland. I (and others) could've SWORN there was no D. Give it up to Olson, he nailed it.

There's a deal for a new Dynamo Stadium (maybe)...

(Matthew Schwartz, ChronBlog: Houston Politics, 03/23/2010)
A proposed deal on a stadium for the Houston Dynamo is being unveiled in a City Council committee this morning, our City Hall and county writers are reporting this morning.

Details are sketchy, but it appears Harris County will join an East End tax increment reinvestment zone and contribute $10 million toward the stadium project, David Turkel, director of the county's Community Services Department, told reporter Chris Moran.

"I think we've reached a point in discussions where there is basic agreement on the different elements," Turkel told Moran.

The TIRZ, located just east of U.S. 59 downtown, would serve as the financing vehicle for the public portion of the stadium project.
I don't know about you but I'm glad those City Hall and county reporters were reporting in the morning. If they were there in the afternoon that would have been a fairly short story.

Our ChronBlog, accurate and timely way more often than the National Enquirer (This despite the fact they're about to have one less Pulitzer.)

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