Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Other than $32 Million....

...what is the difference between the downtown Dynamo Stadium and the Harris County Soapbox Derby Hill?

- Both are public expenditures serving relatively small portions of the populace (Stadium: Minor League Soccer Fans, Hill: Boy Scouts)

- Both are using tax monies during times of fiscal duress.

- Both are non-essential budget items that are being cost-justified with questionable claims regarding "tourism income".

Yet, Radack's Hill has been loudly mocked by the ChronBlog's Jr. Narcissist columnist while the (more expensive) Dynamo Stadium is being loudly praised by ChronBlog's Sr. San Antonio Metro columnist.

Other than the party affiliation of those championing the projects (and the price) I can't find much difference at all that would warrant such differing responses from such ideological purists.* (Or, more accurately, those who have no qualms selectively their outrage concerning corporate welfare based on party.)

*Of course the answer is that NEITHER project should have been green-lighted in the first place.

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  1. Radack's hill and surrounding park is more likely to still be in use 20 yrs from now. too bad it's in Waller instead of inside the loop. the stadium will of course be obsolete and need replacing b/c it won't have corporate boxes in the right place, or no team, or METRO needs the land for what will be the world class gotta-have retro mass transit fad du jour - a dirigible field to complete its Solutions plan.


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