Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Answer: Brick

Question: What is this likely to fly as well as?

(Parker proposes big water and sewer rate increases, Bradley Olson, ChronBlog, 04/06/10)
Mayor Annise Parker's administration is proposing drastic water and sewer rate increases to shore up a Combined Utility System that has operated with multi-million budget deficits for several years.
Go read the entire article for the details, as well as the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Councilmembers worried about "the poor". (read: votes) In all likelihood there's not much Mayor Parker could do. She's been elected Chief Executive Officer of a company who's operations budget has been slashed for several years now so the City could build legacies and cater to special interests, nothing about water & sewer is sexy....until yours goes out, a main breaks, or worse.

Already (in the comments to the story) are the calls to 'privatize the system'. I've a feeling this won't work, but that's going to be the hue and cry anyway.

Until then, good luck to Mayor Parker as she continues the work of fixing the City of Houston finances. She's going to need it. (and, it appears, asbestos underwear)

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  1. One thing I caught on the news this morning was a report that the rate of increase was like double/triple for apartment dwellers (which is interesting, since we don't have lawns to water, and the complex is required to bill us for what *we use*, and not include the common areas in our individual bill.)

    If this proves to be true, it could backfire on Her Honor. I understand the need for the rates to rise, but if they are in fact supposed to cover the cost of providing the service, then they should be structured so as to reflect that.



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