Monday, April 12, 2010

Casey misses the forest for the trees....

You have to wonder about Rick Casey and Chronblog. Given that they (purportedly) journalize in America's 4th largest City, one where cronyism and political networks run deep (The Houston Way) you'd think they'd have a Woodward and Bernstein smile on over the prospect of digging for the details of these networks.

You'd be wrong but you'd think that.

Instead of probing into the connections between Rep. Shiela Jackson-Lee, Carol Mimms Galloway and (former) Key Middle School Principal Mable Caleb, Casey is content to sit back and pen the lazy-man's column. The "atta-boy" pat-on-the-back to a school-board who finally got around to getting rid of an administrator they should have released five years ago. Political support of the type Caleb received typically involves some interesting connections. Unfortunately, for ChronBlog subscribers, rooting out the details of those connections often requires getting up from behind a desk and reporting, something that Casey has not shown a great proclivity for since coming over to Chronblog.

It could just be friendship that draws these three women together, or it could be something more. Historically it was the job of a committed media (sometimes partisan) to draw out the details and give them a full public airing. In today's Houston political arrangements are often reported on with the philosophy: "Let sleeping dog's lie."

Don't want to lose access after all.

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