Monday, April 12, 2010

I can see it now.....

At the naming meeting*...

State Sen. Patrick: "No, we HAVE to get independent in the name somewhere."

Staffer: "Uh, OK. How about "Independent Conservatives of America"?

SS. Patrick: " kind of need to say that we're Republicans. I owe a lot of political favors to those guys. Besides, you ever see Rick (Perry) get angry?"

Staffer: (stares incredulously) "So, you want to be independent, BUT Republican at the SAME TIME?"

SS. Patrick: "Exactly. I'm a maverick politician you know."

Staffer: "I don't think you've thought this one all the way through."

SS. Patrick: "Screw this, Get Paul (Bettencourt) on the Phone! He's used to convoluted explanations."

*Note: Naming meeting is a fictional event. Unbelievably, this group is real.


  1. OMG! That is all to funny!

    The Libertarian!

  2. If they're looking for an honest name for the organization, I have a suggestion: The Texas Taliban


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