Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (04/04/10)

Thanks Easter Bunny!

Steve Ogden seems to want to work magic. re-vamping the sales-tax statute in a way that's 'revenue neutral' but still closes the budget shortfall. Good luck with that.

I really can't believe it took the resources of two staffers for ChronBlog to cover the Houston release of the iPad. Must've been a slow news day.

Charles Kuffner calls for a plastic bag tax in an effort to save the environment and add to Texas revenues. My only problem with this tack is that you rarely see the poor going to the grocery store with cloth bags. The wife and I have been taking our own bags for years, but we're not really the target of this tax.

The problem with trying to classify your political opposites as hate-mongers in an attempt to silence them is three-fold. One, it ignores the fact that their anger is for legitimate political reasons and not just because of whatever -ism you project upon it. Two, you might find out that you've been guilty of the same in the past and three, it reeks of attempted suppression of alternate ideas.

Are the White House press corps past their expiration date? More importantly, does anyone really care that Helen Thomas might be out of a job?

Massachusetts progressives: Do what we say, not what we do. Otherwise known as the "tax increases on everyone but me" theory of government. (Alternatively, progressive fiscal policy)

Someday my (Hispanic/Latino) Prince will come. (Funny aside, I found this ChronBlog news story listed under "opinion" on RealClearPolitics.)

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