Sunday, April 4, 2010


Opinion presented as fact, sourced by media dinosaurs who dare not question the opinion of other media dinosaurs.

And no one dares mention General order 500-5, issued in 1992 and never put up for public review.

Hint: The existence of a still in effect "general order" overrides the opinion of one member of a pro-immigration group. Unless that is, you're stumping for a particular gubernatorial candidate and wish to forward the campaign slogan** that he was moderate on several issues.*

*Nah, can't have that, not from the unbiased media. (Just admit your bias and get on with it guys. The Republic will survive.)

**We constantly hear, from Progressives, how they're right on this issues. If this were the case then you'd think candidates would have the stones to run as....progressives. The reality is progressives are just as far to the fringe of the left as dedicated libertarians are to the fringe of the right.

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