Monday, April 5, 2010

The Noise Machine (04/05/10)


It's opening day in baseball, and Richard Justice informs us that the Astros should have a jerk-free clubhouse. I'm assuming he's referring to those times when he's not in there?

The argument against free public transit seems to focus on the fact that too many suburbanites would use it. I agree, can't have those suburbanites cluttering up the buses. Nasty crowd that's zero fun at parties....

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Scare Tactics (for print customer's only yesterday, everyone gets a piece today. (Don't forget to keep those subscriptions current kiddos!)

So, what do newspapers need now? I'm guessing more pressure on their dwindling revenue streams aren't it. (Maybe another round of lay-offs and the utilization of more amateur talent is the key?)

The battle for Ag Commish (That's right, Ag Commish) is heating up. Tax liens and a defense of marriage plea. (One supposes they're not talking about gay cows getting married?)

Charles Kuffner continues his series on Texas' favorable voting trends toward Democrats. Proving that data and statistics are fluid, and movable things. (That being said it's worth a read. He's right on the general trends, although he does tend to heavily discount anything potentially positive for the party not of his choosing.) I too believe that the Republicans structural advantage in Texas is shrinking. However I don't believe the Republican's demise will come as quickly as Democrats hope. Certainly not if they continue to abandon the middle. (Of course, I'm admittedly partial to the middle)

Houston Tomorrow is absolutely giddy over the prospect of changing Houston's off-street parking ordinances. I'm waiting for the David Crossley "Houston Brights Dims" editorial making a mockery of the logical argument process and containing many please for "world-classiness" aren't you? (Some changes (i.e. adding flexibility) to the ordinance would be a good thing. In other words, give the business owners the option to choose what parking is best for their business. Unfortunately the opinion of the world-classiness crowd is that the 'fix' for Houston is to go draconian in the opposite way. Reduced choice is reduced choice. Period.)

Oh yeah, early voting in the run-offs begins today. You should go out and vote....or something.

Slampo, Houston's best blogger (though apparently not A Blog Star!!!) cuts into the Houston blogosphere using wit (instead of fair-use straining blockquotes) to make his case. All while commenting on Mayor Parker's move to increase retirees insurance premiums. (A hard, but necessary one could say, step.) He also manages to get in a broadside at Bill White, Right-wing talk radio and well....just go read the whole thing.

Unca Darrell on American exceptionalism. Between Darrell as a Conservative Democrat and Slampo as a traditional-liberal Democrat (Read: thinking) you have two columns, updated on a semi-regular basis, that far outstrip the efforts of any editorial work you can find on ChronBlog.

This Bill White tax return story has some legs. (White supporters expected too much from their candidate I'm guessing? Because, from early returns {no pun intended}, he's not been good.)

And finally....

Nothing like an iPad haiku....And Lou Minatti delivers.

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  1. Here is our favorite argument against free public transit: "nobody will ride because the buses will be too crowded." Seriously.


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