Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Noise Machine (04/06/10)

The mini version.....

Wait, Gordon Quan REALLY held a fund-raising event....on Easter Sunday?

Hey, it was like, really, really hot during their two hours in Juarez, give them a break huh? (So, they're like...experts now or something right?)

Trying for fair and balanced on the iPad. When is someone going to come out and just say it: It's not the game changer it was hyped to be?

How to write a column based on one telephone call. (And possibly urging from certain Teacher's union officials?) It must be nice to be able to 'do' a metro column without having to leave one's living room. The iPhone is truly a remarkable device.

The Rice Village 5 & dime is closing. I wonder how many people bemoaning the loss have even been in there in the past 5 years?

If you don't read today's CCTT editorial on the dangers of Sovereign debt and laugh a little inside, then you haven't been paying attention to their "throw enormous sums of money at problems" mentality over the years have you? (Of course, what we need is to re-write City and State charters to allow MORE sovereign debt to be on the books you know....according to the "City Brights" that is....)

Which leads us to the question for the day: How much taxation is enough? (Answer: probably more than the tea-party crowd wants to pay but less than the progressive set wants to levy on everyone but themselves.)

And finally....

If the LibDem set in Britain doesn't want Americans to fly over there then they should probably drop the criticism about Americans not visiting many foreign countries. Just sayin'.

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