Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See ChronBlog....

......it's easy:

(The Election for Change, London Times Editorial Board, 04/06/10)
The first is our duty to cover the campaign and its arguments fully and fairly. We will never presume to tell our readers what to think. It is our intention that whatever a Times reader may ultimately decide, he or she will feel that this newspaper has been independent, informative and balanced.

Our second duty is to adhere to the values that have sustained The Times over these many years. We are an independent newspaper, moderate in temperament and liberal in outlook.
It is that very willingness to admit their liberalism that makes the London Times 100 times more relevant than ChronBlog and the CCTT.

Note that, despite being categorized as "Labour's News daily" the Times differentiates between party and ideology.* That they share an ideology (moderate liberalism) with the Labour Party helps the reader to understand their perspective when reading stories.

American media could easily do this, but they won't. Because somewhere, in some high-minded journalism class, a journo professor wearing a Mondale for President button told them that they had to be "fair and balanced". I call BS.

*For their more remedial readers one would guess, and Americans too dense to understand the difference between the two.

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