Monday, April 19, 2010

The Noise Machine (04/19/10)

Back to the grind.....

The road to Tier One status will be paved with dollar bills. A LOT of dollar bills. Then, as is typical, politics will be the ultimate decider. (Better make sure you spread those dollar bills around to the right crowd.)

That new "green" economy is going to start a job BOOM! right?'s not. (Which is why punishing job creating industries to the benefit of mostly jobless industries is a purely political move.)

We won't know what's IN the bill until we pass it. Now that we've passed it, it's not pretty. (What the authors of the bill won't tell you is that this was their stated goal the entire time, to move health insurance out of the private sector.)

5,000 people at Sam Houston Race Track? Not a meaningful movement. 50 people meeting at a coffee shop for lattes? THE political movement of our time. (And journalists wonder why they're not trusted?)

Evan Smith interviews Rick Perry. Rick Perry is among the best prepared politicians for any interview. His missteps are few. Line of the day:
We will have a most interesting discussion of the city of Houston’s financial affairs over the next six months.

And finally...

Ah, our Chronblog, protecting us from that icky, negative watchdog reporting that other cities have to tolerate. (What happens in a community when there's no newspaper to report the news? Houston is the test case.)

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