Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two things....

1. Do you think statements like this contribute to poll results like this? ('Cause I do.)

2. America's worst big city daily stretches it's lead with three more puff pieces where they give positive coverage to those in the establishment with whom they're trying to curry favor. See any signs of hope here?

One thing both the government and newspaper journalism have in common is low levels of trust by the general populace. I think the Gov't typically says what they think will play the best to the audience with truth only being a secondary consideration. I think journalists are just mostly lazy and it's easier to offer up unchallenged, positive coverage to local courtiers who offer occasional audience and pick up the tab at super-secret meet-ups. PoliBloggers, on the other hand, are usually satisfied with a photo op with their favorite politician and a table with high speed Internet. Maybe some chips....

EXTRA Credit: Is Jose de Jesus Ortiz contractually obligated to write as if he's in a bromance with the head honcho of every organization he covers?

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