Friday, May 7, 2010

Do what they say....

...not what they do.

(From the comments of
From joel:
oh man, i had never even noticed that bistro vino shut down. it was a great location/setup for an upper end restaurant and would certainly better serve the area if it continued to serve as this rather than more housing.*
Bistro Vino has been shuttered for almost one year.

Gotta love those dumb smart-growth proponents who are 100% sure that they know what's best for you despite the fact that it hasn't worked for them.

*Isn't 'infill development' (ostensibly in the form of more urban dwelling) one of the key factors in the new urbanist' ethos? And if so, why is it that said new urban devotees argue against almost every urban living project proposed to be built inside the Loop?

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