Monday, May 10, 2010

The Noise Machine (05/10/10)

Testing positive for non-steroidal substances since 1991.....

The Texas Prison System has decided to release inmates geographically closer to home. Such a simple idea.

Texas Education Reality: Gotta High School that can't meet the standards? No problem, just lower the bar.

File this under "the sky is blue": A progressive environmental commentator is anti-oil industry. I'd like to see the anti-oil people go a month without oil and then report back to us.

Both the Austin American-Statesman and the Bill White Texas Tribune pen articles that are potentially damaging to the Perry campaign. The question remains: Can the, to this point, uninspiring Bill White team take advantage of any of it? (My guess is no.)

Democratic Party activist/blogger Charles Kuffner interviews Democratic candidate for Texas Lt. Governor Linda Chavez-Thompson on immigration. (Hint: She's for immigrant amnesty and will support the AFL-CIO position, whatever it may end up being.) If you're undecided on this race you should go give it a listen and decide whether or not you agree with her and then vote accordingly. (At times the audio is rough, but you can hear most of it.)

Texas GOP 2010, calm on the surface but paddling like hell underwater? Could be. (As the Tea Party is partisan meme loses steam it appears that the GOP stands to suffer more from it than do Democrats. The results could not be pretty come election time.)

Maybe it's just me, but a story focusing on your six-month page-hits, Interweb status thingy is NOT inspiring journalism. I understand the need for some chest beating, but more important to the general public are the awards you've won. (Or...haven't won, as is the case with ChronBlog)

And finally.....

Hmmm....Texas Democrats and Matt Angle....where have I read that before?

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