Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Noise Machine (05/20/10)

Just a spoonful of sugar......

Political wonks rejoice! The term-limits panel is expected to release their results soon. Meaning that Houston will be told it's in their best interest to try and keep sub-par public officials around even longer. Yay!

Get shorn, save the planet. If I don't see the entirety of the Houston Sierra Club walking around bald over the next few days I call bollocks.

Vote por favor por nosotros. (Entonces podemos no hacer caso de usted por los cuatro años próximos.)

Political wonks rejoice! Metro has released it's 2009 (clean, mind you) Audit. Just in case your social calendar is free for the next several weeks and you want to do the work of analytical accountants pro-bono.

An Austin Democrat that won't raise taxes? It's an Austin Democrat that won't raise taxes unless the State spends more on his policy priorities. Nothing new to see here. (That's like a Republican that won't call for cuts unless they cut the things they deem need to be cut.)

What pro-Democratic article in Texas is written without mention of the coming demographic change? Not one written by the Bill White Texas Tribune that's for sure. (One that quotes a Democratic activists and references a speech by a Democratic activist/pollster to boot.)

Tom Kirkendall asks: Is freedom possible without wealth? Short answer: No. (Any excuse to link to a post with a clip from the HBO mini-series John Adams is good by me.)

Is the "Man" using Hispanic culture to keep the Hispanics down? Or is the situation more nuanced than that? (To be fair, L'il Red does just about all that she can with this topic, before being timed out in the intellectual depth department. Not a bad column all things considered.)

The best watchdog reporting in Houston is consistently being cranked out by Texas Watchdog. Need proof? Go read today's Lynn Walsh story onHISD's troubles accounting for Project Clear.

And finally.....

Bob Dunn asks: What's so great about technology anyway? Go give it a read.

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