Friday, May 21, 2010

The Noise Machine (05/21/10)

Put the needle on the record......

This just in: People feel they are discriminated against more than other people feel they discriminate. In related news water is wet.

185 abandoned homes on the block, 185 abandoned homes. You tear one down, oh what a sound, 184 abandoned homes on the block.

Dewhurst's pet program is going to survive. Despite not accomplishing much of anything and generally just being bad public policy. Or, perhaps, because of that. (And the fact that he needs something to put on a campaign commercial.) Had the Democrats nominated a credible candidate there'd be an option come election day. Sadly, they did not.

Out! Out! Damned Cisneros!

Appropriate for Houston: On Bike to work day the big, politician photo-op friendly event isn't even people biking from HOME to WORK....

(Bike to Work, ChronBlog Caucasian Think Tank, Chronblog)
This morning, hundreds of bicycle riders are headed from Memorial Park to City Hall for festivities to mark Bike to Work Day
The idea of the event was supposed to entice people to ditch their cars and ride their bikes into work. In Houston, most people at this rally probably drove to Memorial Park, untethered their bike and then rode to City Hall. Which, of course, means that some of them probably took a day off work for "bike to work" day. The irony of this is wasted on the CCTT of course, who instead use this rather benign event to do Bill White another solid. (They're nothing if not predictable...predictably bad.)

I'm not sure if the actual SBOE meetings or the InterLeft and media reaction to them have been more entertaining. (One thing I am sure of: In a battle of wits against both sides it's a tie for last.)

And finally....

Rick Perry vs. World is underwhelmed by Bill White's latest TV ad. One data point backing Evan's analysis is the relative Internet silence surrounding said ad. When the InterLeft goes underground you know they're not happy. (I'm sure most progressives want an attack ad. I don't think that's a wise move against Perry, who can parry and counter with the best of them. White needs to try and define himself. I don't see this channel-switcher getting the job done.)

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