Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shutter the Editorial board (Part 12,476)

It's been suggested before, by better bloggers than I, that the best use of ChronBlog resources could be to shutter the out-of-touch editorial board and redeploy the resources to the news desk.

Based on today's twin efforts I heartily agree.

(Balancing Act: Parker’s proposed city budget will require discipline, luck") ChronBlog, May, 15, 2010)
Give Mayor Parker credit for proposing an austerity budget that minimizes service cuts and avoids tax increases and the use of debt to cover expenses.

(Balancing Act II: How not to deal with our projected $18 billion state budget deficit ChronBlog, May 15, 2010)
As a first response to this news Straus has done the politic thing. The speaker has come out against new taxes while putting most everything else on the table as a solution.
Emphasis above is mine.

It reminds HCA of people speaking ill of others all why they stand just a few feet away. Hey CCTT! We're right here. You do realize that we can hear you snickering at us (the readers) right?

If that's the best they can do then the best option is to shutter the Ed board and redirect the salary to hire some reporters with a watchdog bent. Of course, that won't happen at America's worst big-city daily, but it's an idea.

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