Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All the news......

...that's fit to outsource?

Big story today on the Senate Democrats plans to quintuple the taxes on off-shore oil production. Maybe it's just me but, given the impact said increase is going to have on the local economy shouldn't the newspaper of record biggest blog in the energy capital of America offer up something besides the same Associated Press story that's running pretty much everywhere else?

It's the same deal for today's cell phone proposals announced by Texas' Sr. Senator. AP story, no chaser.

Then there's the story (chub really) of Bill White's tax returns reported on by the AP's Jay Root while non-profit Texas Watchdog offers up an original blog post (with links, as a blog post is wont to have) written by staffer Jennifer Peebles.

Meanwhile Houston gets The Apple Dumpling Gang on Joe Garagiola and smokeless tobacco and the Washington bureau writing about a host of things NOT related to Texas Congressional representation.

I guess there was also no interest in reporting on local congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee filing a bill to limit the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics on the heels of them launching an investigation into one of her (and other members of the Black Congressional Caucus) trips to the Caribbean.

Nope, far better to dedicate resources to celebrity diets.

Man I feel sorry for the reporters that are still there.



UPDATE: I see where ChronBlog has updated the Bill White story with their own piece by Peggy Fikac, good thing I cached the old Jay Root Story eh? (since they just replace things and don't change the address...)

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