Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/09/10)

Fourteen strike-outs, no walks.....

Think about this: Oil & Gas exploration was cut in HALF last year. Most of this was done as companies decide whether or not to continue to focus operations in an unstable business climate in America. Now that the "ban" is in place, look for those dollars to be spent elsewhere in the world.

The current job market is hard. Even harder if you're a teen whose just looking for a Summer job. That's because a lot of adults, desperate for work, have snapped up a significant portion of the Teen Summer jobs pool.

NASA's big problem? Their future success relies on a trip back to the past.

Because, what Houston REALLY needs right now, is the passage of a demolition moratorium that would put even MORE stress on the home building industry.

Yup, when my contract is up I'm definitely switching to Verizon. Android > iPhone.

Why in the blue hell would Perry want to debate White? There's nothing for him to gain and everything for him to lose. (Still, I'm certain the obligatory round of debates will happen, the moderators will be terrible, the questioners pathetic. Both sides will declare victory. I won't watch.)

Nationally there was this big primary thingy going on remember?

The good news is the demise of the political center has been greatly exaggerated. At least, in the Democratic South. In Texas I'm not so sure. Chet Edwards will be the canary in the coal mine.

In California The GOP is hitching their wagon to two females who happen to be former CEO's. Leading some on the left to start spewing some nonsense about having a monopoly on feminism. If feminism becomes a "Left vs. Right" issue (whose primary driver becomes abortion) then it's finished as a viable political force. The key to its success has always been its willingness to change parties.

Speaking of women: Yesterday was a good day for Sarah Palin. That's right, Sarah Palin. It was also a good day for Blanche Lincoln one of my favorite Democrats. Good for them.

Al Kennedy imagines the perfect writing day. It's not mine, at all, but it's nice to dream right?

That Mr. T isn't in a cameo in the upcoming A-Team film is one of life's great injustices. That said, he has a point. Thinking back on it no one ever died on the A-Team. That's what made it so fun. I still plan to go see the new movie, but I'm not expecting much.

The answer to every problem is NOT always a big, intrusive government intrusion. Politicians should be required to repeat that mantra 100 times a day before stepping out the front door.

Lou Minatti on austerity. Or, more accurately, asking why the hell people are calling "making changes to the public sector that are sustainable" draconian measures?

You guessed it: More trouble for TxDOT. Gargle, rinse, repeat. (Once political pit-bulls, typically backed by competing interests, get a hold of an agency they very rarely back off....until their side is in power that is.)

And finally....

Yeah, OK...we want to save the Earth and all and we REALLY think that all of you should go without oil & gas and modern conveniences and green energy is great and all but just don't try to build it in our backyard OK? (Political translation: Build it where the poor & dirty are will 'ya?)

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