Sunday, June 6, 2010

Customer feedback

The Apple Dumpling Gang decided to weigh in on Texas air "quality" today with predictable results.

Yes, out of one side of their mouth, they claimed to understand the importance of the refining and energy industries to the region. Their political side, however, couldn't resist taking a swipe at Rick Perry in an effort to make him look bad against the gang's chosen Guber: Bill White. This type of "editorializing" is expected, and it would be acceptable would that ChronBlog admit its biases to the world. It still wouldn't cure their insufferable case of issue ignorance however, which I leave to commenter "NoWhining" to illustrate best:
You write about that which you don't know.
Get a clue instead of just spouting political talking points.

That's pretty good advice for the Gang, who frequently include simple factual errors into any editorial of a serious nature.

I'll say it again: Shutter the Ed Board, and redeploy the resources to the Metro & State reporting bureaus. If ChronBlog feels the continuing need to editorialize political talking points there are many members of the local blogosphere that could do a much better job, for much cheaper, and with readers having full disclosure regarding their political views.

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