Friday, June 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/04/10)

Spanning wait...sorry.

Is the bloom coming off the rose of the Houston economy? And if so, what (if anything) does that say about the motivations of those who support politicians who are taking a hacksaw to the rose garden? (InterLeft cries of "Republicans hate Texans & Texas" ring a little hollow now don't they?)

More Metro "buy America" trouble. Whee! (It's a good thing they're 'working' to shore up their public image isn't it?)

Lemme get this straight: We're going to pay people to take advantage of a free service that's instrumental to their future earnings potential and quality of life? Stop me if I'm wrong there.

Rick Perry supporters are anti-AIR!!!! No, really, that's Mike Norman's deep thoughts for the 2010 Guber race. (It only sounds like political commentary from the Onion. Sadly, this is Texas, and what passes for political discourse in our mainstream media)

More rhetorical fun from the MSM, this time, the Dallas Morning News. Where reporter Robert T. Garrett is allowed to editorialize (badly) without a scintilla of evidence that the theory he forwards is based on reality. (All of this forwards my theory that the media should return to its roots and just out it's political bias. We'd all be better with the cracked shell of impartiality pressure washed away.)

More trouble for the regulation of the health insurance industry. But...what does Politifarce say???

If Texas leans Republican then Republicans in "Toss Up" States must be feeling pretty good.

More on bad polls from the InterLeft. Who need this theory to be correct come election time. (I've limited use for polls and consider them snapshots. I also think that what happens in the ballot box is much different from what happens on the phone or online.)

And finally....

Liberal financial backing & slant mixed with poor public-watchdog journalism & dodgy leadership. What could possibly go wrong?

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