Friday, June 18, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/18/10)

Something to get you through a long Friday....

Is this really a game-changer that's worthy of being 'news'? I ask because, in every election, even those most hotly contested, there are voters that cross party lines for personal, ideological and financial reasons. Typically they are not enough to move the needle one scintilla. (And are typically cancelled out by voters from the OTHER party crossing over as well.) Ah well, at least it fits the "Rah! Rah! Bill White!" mantra that ChronBlog is boosting.

I wonder if, when thousands lose their jobs & energy rates sky-rocket, the actions of the EPA will seem pro-people or if history will judge all of this differently? Until the jobs start falling & the poor start getting priced out of the electricity and fuel markets the rhetoric will stick. (I'm a big believer in micro-grid technology, using personal solar panels, backed with wind power generated using home generators, but the battery technology for storage isn't there yet. I wonder, with big government interests scrambling to control the 'green energy grid' if there's any way we're ever going to move forward to something that could work. Right now the plan is folly designed to be terribly hard on the poor.)

The problem with joining a cult of personality is dealing with the hangover when they turn out to not be the god you were hoping to realize.

Ethics, Who needs 'em? Obviously not Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (R-Irving), who sees no conflict of interest in her driving a luxury automobile owned by a company that profits immensely off of decisions made by her committee. (It's been a rough couple of days for Dallas area Republicans hasn't it?)

Take one part anecdotal evidence, two or three measures of insufficient data, and a dollop of outside opinion. Mix them all together and what do you have? Another non-fact-based "fact check" from Politifarce.

Remember this the next time politicians speak about other politicians 'keeping their eye on the ball'.

And finally....

Yup, Houston's former Mayor, who spent most of his last year in office on the campaign trail, is going to go there with Rick Perry. If I'm a White supporter this change in tack toward negative campaigning worries me. It means that nothing else he's tried has dug any traction.

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