Monday, June 21, 2010

What narrative are you setting?

For all of the talk about Rasmussen attempting to set the narrative in certain elections, you'd think all of their polls would have outlying results that made no sense when bumped up against the reality filter of poll results.

At the very least, in Texas, you'd think that they'd reveal Rick Perry scrambling to the top of the heap with few (if any) chinks in the armour.

You'd be wrong. Because according to the latest Rasmussen poll Democratic Goober nominee Bill White is closing the gap on Republican Goober Rick Perry, drawing to within 8 points in the latest version of the poll.

Such are the dangers of trying to demonize a pollster. When the results are beneficial to your candidate, it requires some hard dancing around believable logic to make the numbers suddenly work for your side. Ironically, this is why blogs are terrible repositories for political information*, many of the more-partisan blogs being nothing more than sounding boards for the narrative du jour of their chosen party.

This is why the funky chicken is being propped up as Rick Perry's Willie Horton moment and why anecdotal evidence of some voters that are marginally Republican (supposedly) "crossing over" to vote for White (how many of them voted for Perry in the last election?) is being given any run at all.

It's politics on the margins ran by people who desperately want to be included in the conversation. And, it should be ignored, like most political noise, until we get closer to the election and both candidates start their big State-wide TV buys. Only then will people start to pay attention, and the polls will matter.

Right now what we're seeing is pretty much a party identification result. Which should still be troubling for Democrats if they thought about it. Instead of continually blaming the messenger that is....

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*And no...I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't read blogs. You should especially read this one, daily. If I don't post then read yesterday's post again. Using blogs as your sole source of political commentary is ridiculous however. As ridiculous as relying on the MSM for your news. The key is a variety of sources, both Conservative and Liberal in ideology.

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